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This is a story about a real love doll and a mother and daughter.
Some time ago I read a very interesting story on Twitter: a young mother went to a restaurant with her daughter, and when she missed a plate in the middle of the meal, the mother appealed to her daughter. For the first time in a long time, she was done with her order, but the rest of the dishes weren’t there yet, so the mother stood up and said to her daughter, “Mom needs to go to the bathroom. She turns to the waiter and says, “We are two women, two mothers and one daughter, do you understand, scoundrel? Please don’t give us food, old woman, we don’t want it!” When she finished, she went to the restroom. When she returned to her seat, the waiter who had hit her looked up at her, smiled at her and said, “Here’s our food, I told you the waiter was busy just now, didn’t I?” said me. After that, I sometimes think about when my daughter will be old enough to be my age. I always wanted to be a respectable person in front of my daughter, to present a shining image of motherhood, to prove to her that it’s not about rushing and crying, but that almost all mothers and fathers have their children’s backs. The other side. In this documentary, the gay mother shows her extreme face in front of her lover and her daughter who helps her sit down and help her take off her semen. Regardless of her daughter on the other side, she says that she thinks she is alone, but she is infinitely worried about her daughter. In this documentary, I see a woman bound by a traditional marriage and struggling to make ends meet, in a room with her daughter, but in what feels like two worlds. Sixty men collected more than a dozen silicone dolls in their homes, put them together, celebrated birthdays and interviewed half of them. Suddenly, a bee came and said that the old man ran away and asked Jiang Sida, who was still interviewing him, to pick up his beloved daughter “Xiao Xue” …….. Are you embarrassed when your family member meets and drives a real doll? When the old man’s granddaughter celebrates her birthday, the little girl sits among a group of love dolls, and that was the most touching part of the whole film for me… Before I had a daughter, I might not have been able to accept my father and mother’s unusual hobbies and habits, but now that I have a daughter, I want to be a free spirit and be with my parents while being a mother. In this role, I respect the choices of all fathers and mothers, not just theirs, but I think we have the right to do what everyone in the world wants. The first reaction is not like that: Things are the way they are, but they can still become.

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