Real life size “sex dolls”

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Because sex dolls are mainly life-size copies of humans (usually women, but also men), they are sometimes referred to as animal bodies such as sex aids, usually used in the context of masturbation. The term is rarely used to refer to dolls used to demonstrate the sexual organs or sexual processes of humans and animals to describe the sexual organs or sexual processes, and therefore belongs to biological models.

She is the dream of many men: silicone sex dolls. Blonde girls are in great demand. She often looks like a perfect woman: great people, sympathetic charm and angelic singing. No wonder this 35-year-old man is also considered a man’s dream.

A man has now realized his dream: sex with the woman of his dreams! Although sex dolls are legal, this issue remains controversial. For example, a frightening comment appeared at the end of the article: “When men have sex with such dolls, I think it’s really abnormal. These guys are not exactly what I want, and you should use them with caution.”

According to a report in the Austrian newspaper heute, Le used an optical model to create a plastic silicone model based on Helene Fischer. Although the voice is based on a human body model, it resembles up to 70% of the original version.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.