Real dolls can date lonely women

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In recent decades, civilization has created a higher degree of freedom. This has led to a corresponding proliferation of complex technologies and innovations in the sex industry. Only electric sex toys used to replace female masturbation, but now there can be adult male sex dolls.
















As sex robots become easier and more mature, there are more new ways to satisfy human needs. For example, one company is developing an advanced “true companion” that can accompany lonely women around the world.
A real male doll is said to offer women a better bionic penis than a vibrator. The price on the market ranges from £8,000 (US$11,000) to £12,000 (US$15,000). So what deserves more attention is whether male robotic sex dolls will make an appearance?
What is more interesting is that mobile phones and tablets offer useful applications. They can customize their personality, drag their faces to move their heads, place orders, smile and type text.
The real dolls prostitution hotel is real. If real male puppet robots come to Germany, it will be crazy news. Introducing realistic sex dolls must be done through understanding the background and influence of human sexual behavior.

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