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Where the TPEs of TPE sexpuppen come from.
Is it chewing gum? It is also petroleum and petroleum extracts, which seem to be a mixture of different substances, but also thermoplastic elastomers and various substances of rubber and resin.






How many people are behind the love dolls, from collecting, processing and making the Tpe raw material to the many people who have to work hard to make the Tpe and weld the workers in the doll factory. We were told that the skeleton of a real doll is very strenuous because many joints have to be welded by hand, molds have to be made, molds have to be shaped, and glue has to be put into the molds. Trimming is also necessary. The head of a love doll is a meticulous job and there is a bit of handmade makeup. Many of the small parts inside the doll must be produced by specialized manufacturers, such as the doll’s eyes and nails. The factory workers are also packaged and given to a courier company for shipping. My goodness, it is a bit difficult to think of giving birth to such a Dutch woman. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why love dolls are a bit expensive.

This is a real love doll and this face is really beautiful. You want to pounce on it and take a few bites and look at the baby’s serene face. I’m worried that this love doll won’t work because I’ve never seen a real doll, and I’m worried that the real picture isn’t in the picture. I am working on this issue so I can touch the real doll myself or even try it first. When deciding whether to buy or not.

used dolls
So I will talk to some of the existing erotic stores and put some samples in their unoccupied stores. Willing customers can see the touch and decide if they want to buy. And without having to have anyone manage the store, you can also avoid shy customers.

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