Precautions for storing Mini Sex Dolls

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We talked about how to buy Dolls before. Now we have dolls. How do we get along with this beautiful spirit? How do we store, care and maintain them at ordinary times? Here I have summarized some common questions for you, which can be regarded as an advanced science popularization!

1. Storage

Best storage – lying on your back or hanging

## Lie flat:

There is only one key point in laying the doll flat, that is, you can’t lie on the “hard plane”. No matter you let the doll lie on the bed, storage box or even on the floor, remember to add a cushion under the doll’s body (it can be a quilt, a pillow, a cushion, etc.) to avoid the deformation and flattening of the doll’s back curve (especially the buttocks) caused by the extrusion of its own weight for a long time, especially the doll made of TPE, Once the body is deformed, it will never rebound again. Please pay special attention. It is suggested to place the doll lying flat. You can buy “slow rebound sponge”, which is commonly known as “memory sponge”. Generally, you can buy it in large shopping malls or bedding stores. If it is inconvenient to buy “memory sponge”, another economical way to save money is to add a pillow at the waist and behind the thigh of the doll, so that the buttocks of the doll can be “overhead” by the pillow, so that the buttocks will not be deformed for a long time.

## Hanging:
hanging is a very good way to store dolls, because no side of the body will be squeezed by the weight of the dolls when they are hung and placed. If there is a wardrobe, hanger or other kind of shelf with strong load-bearing capacity at home, the dolls can be hung and placed. The hanging methods of dolls of different brands may be slightly different. It is recommended to consult the customer service of the manufacturer in advance to avoid damage. It is suggested that if there are no conditions at home, it is recommended to buy a pulley hanger on Taobao and hang your own doll. There is also a customized version. You can search it yourself.

2 Never use storage – standing or sitting

a. Standing: let the doll stand in a corner of the home is a storage method often thought of by many children who do not understand the 1:1 simulation silicone. Here I would like to remind you that in fact, most physical dolls are “unable to stand”, even for some high-end Japanese brand dolls. The manufacturer will emphasize that “they can only stand for a short time”. The standing function developed by Japanese baby factory is actually designed to meet the needs of baby owners to take photos and pose, not to solve the storage problem. In particular, please pay attention here! TPE doll is made of very soft raw materials. When the doll stands, the weight borne by the doll body will fall directly on the sole plate, so it is very easy to cause the sole plate to tear, and even the metal skeleton to pierce the hanging sole plate. Therefore, I suggest that it is best not to try even “standing for a short time”, otherwise the sole of the doll will be damaged!

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