Precautions for maintenance of Mini Sex Dolls

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Before I talk about the topic of how to maintain dolls, I want to discuss with you the next practical problem of buying Dolls – “how to hide dolls”. Many friends will encounter opposition from their families or the living environment when buying dolls, but they don’t want to buy them. At this time, the idea of how to hide the dolls I buy will appear in my mind. Here I want to tell you to the point that if you have to hide after buying a doll, it may be “hard to hide”, you’d better think carefully and think twice before you go, because forcibly hiding a doll may cause the doll to be unable to be placed or preserved well and increase the probability of damage. Moreover, interacting with the doll is a very pleasant thing. If you need to hide, it is undoubtedly a psychological burden. Of course, some storage furniture with cover effect can be found on the market, such as storage sofa or simple wardrobe, but please evaluate whether it is useful. It is suggested that you should think clearly before buying, communicate well with your family or see if there are storage conditions before buying, otherwise it is also a very troublesome thing to deal with when you buy it back. Well, let’s get into today’s topic.

1. How should dolls be cleaned?

a. General cleaning: if the doll accidentally touches stains or dust, you can try to wipe it with a wet towel and shower gel. If you encounter stains that cannot be cleaned by shower gel, you can try to remove it with makeup remover. If you can’t even wipe it off with makeup remover, it may be dyed. We’ll talk about the dyeing later. When the doll is dirty, you can also consider taking the doll to take a bath. In terms of water temperature, the temperature of our usual bath dolls is acceptable. TPE dolls are sensitive to temperature. Remember not to “disinfect” TPE dolls with water with a temperature of more than 70 degrees. TPE materials may be deformed due to temperature! This is irreversible! We must pay attention.

b. Cleaning after use: generally, the places where dolls can be used are the mouth, private parts and backyard. However, due to different manufacturers, dolls only have 1-2 functions. The mouth and backyard must be integrated (the internal channel and body are inseparable). There will be a split design in private parts. This split type is very simple to clean. It’s good to remove the famous ware and wash it after use. If it is integrated, either carry the doll to the bathroom for cleaning after use, or buy an online cleaning artifact (sold by a treasure). No matter what kind of cleaning method is used, remember to cover the body with a towel and pat it dry gently after washing. Never wipe it with force, so as not to cause wear or scratch on the surface of the doll. The inside of the channel can be rolled with thick paper towels to suck up the water. I have a good way to recommend it to you, that is, to buy sanitary cotton used by girls in physiological period, which is super easy to use, super absorbent and easy to take out. Finally, when the water on the body is dry, remember the last talcum powder to keep the best touch of the baby’s skin.

2. How to maintain

The doll’s body will have persistent chronic oil discharge, which is different from the doll’s material. Generally, the oil discharge of silicone doll is relatively slight, while the oil discharge of TPE doll is more obvious. The oil discharge of doll will lead to poor touch, astringent, sticky and easy to be stained with dust and hair fibers. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth and soft touch of doll’s body, regular maintenance is particularly important. In fact, the maintenance method is very simple. Many people use different kinds of powder, such as prickly heat powder, corn powder and talc powder. Here, I still recommend prickly heat powder (talcum powder) for infants, and then buy a set of powder puff boxes. When powdering, use a powder puff to evenly pat the powder on the doll (which can be a little dense), and then wipe it evenly with your hand. This is the most efficient, The talcum powder used by children is not harmful. It’s OK to kiss. The smell and feel are the best.

3. What should I do after dyeing?

Due to the material characteristics of TPE, some dark dyes are particularly easy to cause adsorption and so-called dyeing. When you dress the doll in dark clothes or sit on the dark sofa, you will find that the baby’s body produces bruise like purplish black stains and can’t be removed with makeup remover oil. That’s dyeing. At this time, you need to buy a stain remover online, apply a thin layer on the dyeing place and let it stand for a period of time, usually one night, It will be found that the dyed part becomes lighter or completely removed. If it is not completely removed, apply it 1-2 times and it can be removed. It is suggested that when you wear dark clothes, you should buy a flesh colored one-piece clothes to protect the doll, or you must soak the dark clothes repeatedly and wash them until they no longer fade. Some netizens suggest that soap has a better effect. Warm tips: the doll is particularly sensitive to black, dark blue and other colors, so you must pay attention to it.

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