Precautions after buying dolls!

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Ordinary sex doll’s feet are very soft. It is not recommended to stand for a long time, preferably not more than 10 minutes.
And make sure that the force on both feet is even. Don’t bear the load on one foot and not bear the force on the other. Such a situation can easily lead to the soles of sex doll’s feet being pierced by the weight of the whole body. Be careful.
Please try to bear the force evenly. After all, sex doll is not made of iron.

Talcum powder

Talcum powder is used to increase the hand feel. After bathing the baby, gently dry it with a soft towel, and then apply it to sex doll’s whole body, so that sex doll feels better and slippery.

The heating rod

The heating rod is used to heat and dry sex doll vagina. It is powered by USB with a voltage of 5V.

Note: avoid wearing dark clothes on sex doll.

If you like dark clothes, the method is as follows
① : put a white or flesh colored underwear on sex doll and a dark coat on the outside.
② : before dressing sex doll: soak her clothes in warm water for 15-30 minutes, and add some salt and vinegar! See if it fades. If it fades seriously, don’t wear it for sex doll

How to dress sex doll’s hair

1. How to wear a wig for sex doll?
There are two fixed belts on the wig. After putting the wig on sex doll, the belt can be fixed at the back of his head. If you can’t wear it, find the tutorial video of customer service to wear a wig.
2. How to take care of hair transplant?
Hair implants don’t need to be washed often. If you feel dirty, just wash it again.
Usually, you can wash it once every 2-3 months, depending on your personal situation.
Do not scrub your hair when cleaning and planting it, otherwise it will be difficult to take care of it after tying.
The water temperature for cleaning should not exceed 40 degrees. Warm water is good.
When combing the wig, don’t use a very dense comb. It can’t be combed. It’s easier to use a sparse comb to take care of your hair.

 How to clean sex doll

1. Clean the head of sex doll:
① The makeup on the doll’s body is semi permanent makeup, which can be directly washed with water or added with shower gel, or wiped with wet wipes and towels. It doesn’t need to be washed often. If you feel dirty, you can wash it again.
② The whole hairpiece can be cleaned in this way. Be careful not to touch the metal part with water.
③ Pay attention not to scrub the hair of the head carving after hair transplantation, otherwise it is easy to knot, and it is difficult to take care of it after knotting.
2. Clean sex doll’s body
① Silica gel sex doll can be washed with clean water
② It’s best to move a stool and let sex doll sit in the bathroom and wash it with a shower.
Precautions: when bathing sex doll, pay attention to the metal skeleton carved on the neck connector of sex doll. Don’t get water. It’s better to wash it with a bag around the neck.






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