Practical tips for storing lifelike sex dolls

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How to place a lifelike sex doll in Nissan.
Nowadays, many people have the problem how to store their lifelike sex doll after they bought it or after they used it every day. This problem will be solved if you read the following tips on how to store your dolls.

Laying them flat for storage
There is something to be said for placing dolls directly on their backs – not on an unprotected flat surface, be it in a closet or storage box. It is important to cushion the lifelike sex doll, be it with a quilt, blanket or soft cloth! Without this protective layer, the back of the doll can be deformed by the force. Especially if you buy a silicone doll, it is very difficult to fix dents in the silicone material.

For those who use the reclining method, it is recommended to buy a product that is mainly made of memory foam as a cushion, or if this is not considered necessary, use another technique. This means placing a pillow on each side of the waist and lower legs so that the lifelike sex doll can maintain the natural curvature of the body even when lying flat, so that the overall body shape of the doll is always in good shape.

Hanging storage
Hanging is the best way to store your dolls because they float in the air, so they won’t deform from the stress. Hanging is a perfect option if you have a closet, wardrobe or other shelf in your home that has a good load bearing capacity.

It is advisable to get advice on how to hang the doll before buying to avoid damage. It is especially important to choose a good quality hanger so that the rope does not break when the doll is hanging.

The wrong way to store
The least recommended way to store the doll: standing up! Some of you have the Cheap Sex Doll standing and leaning against the wall to save time, but that is the wrong way to store it! Some Cheap Sex Dolls do not support standing and the manufacturer indicates that they can only stand for a short time. When the Cheap Sex Doll stands, all its weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, which can easily cause the sole of the foot to crack, even if the metal skeleton is visible outside the sole. So avoid standing for a long time, otherwise it will be a waste of money and the doll will not be complete.

Sitting tray
Sitting on the sofa may seem safe, but it is not. Just as standing can crack the soles of your feet, sitting can put weight on your hips and break your hip bones. The above knowledge about the storage and placement of dolls you have learned?

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