Positions conducive to pregnancy

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Man on top, woman on bottom
The traditional position is easier to get pregnant because it allows the sperm to penetrate deeper and closer to the cervix. Try to keep the woman’s uterus open to the sperm and the woman can cushion her buttocks with a pillow.
Action: The woman faces upwards with her legs apart, resting on the male’s shoulders or wrapped around her waist, and can put a pillow under the woman’s waist.

Back entry
The male enters from behind also allows the sperm to be deposited in the uterus for easy conception. This position is especially helpful for women who have a tilted uterus.
Action: The woman lies in the knee-chest position, with her knees, chest and elbows supported on the bed, and the man kneeling behind the woman.

Side lying position
is another snapping position that increases the opening of the cervix to sperm. Some studies have shown that female orgasm is important. This is because female orgasm causes uterine contractions, which helps the sperm to swim deeper into the uterus.
Action: Usually the woman lies on her side while the man sits in a kneeling position.

The woman is on top so that the uterus drops, the vaginal opening widens, and the penis can easily come in contact with the uterus.
Action: In female on top position, the woman sits with her knees open on the man so that the upper body stands up or leans forward or backward.

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