However, the popularity of sex dolls is also a major trend now

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Common Questions: Do armies have their own sex dolls to relieve their urge while overseas?

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Jon Mixon:
Of course they don’t.

In almost every conflict in human history, there have been women available to “comfort” soldiers near the battlefield. Most of the time this is voluntary; occasionally it is not.

When soldiers are deployed for lengthy periods overseas and there is no combat, local entrepreneurs open businesses whose primary purpose is to provide them with female companionship.

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Elvis Zhou:
There may be such things a long time ago. For example, during the World War, in order to relieve the sexual pressure of soldiers and improve combat effectiveness, military leaders may think of some ways. But the current society will not be like this anymore, because society has progressed and it has entered a civilized age.

However, the popularity of sex dolls is also a major trend now, and now many single men choose sex dolls to accompany.

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