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At present, there are two main materials for sex dolls on the market: silicone gel (silicone) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
Many newcomers usually have a lot of concerns before buying a sex doll before entering the circle, and a popular question in knowledge about sex doll is how to buy a sex doll. but for the induction sex doll itself, you usually only have to pay attention to the following four main points: Material, feeling, weight and price. Then look at the selection by budget and type yourself. For the dolls, local effects such as makeup, eyes and eyebrows are considered in the details of head modeling, and bone structure and body makeup in the details of the body.






The choice of material for sex dolls
The advantages and disadvantages of TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls are obvious. Silicone has the edge over TPE when it comes to odor control, durability and makeup application, but silicone is expensive.
Since silicone raw materials are many times more expensive than TPEs, and the material cannot be recycled, these raw materials are wasted in the event of a mold failure (bubbles and defects) and cannot be recovered. Of course, this is also why silicone can become food grade. Tpe is generally softer than silicone, the raw material cost is lower and there is more margin for error, so the market for sex dolls made of Tpe is generally cheaper.

The difference in the feeling of the sex doll
The general opinion now is that silicone material is harder than TPE, because the hardness is also related to the manufacturer’s material formulation ratio. Some manufacturers focus on the appearance of the makeup, so silicone is harder to allow good makeup application, and also ensures that the makeup lasts longer. The softness of the TPE material, on the other hand, is related to the oil content. A common problem with extra soft TPE is that it is often oily and needs constant cleaning and powdering. So when you buy a doll, you should be clear about what material you can accept to make sure you can enjoy a good feeling.

The weight of a physical doll
Many doll owners feel that the physical dolls they buy are so heavy that they sweat just opening the box and taking the doll out. This is due to the high degree of body simulation. To get the feeling of real flesh and blood on the body material, most of the material is realistically plasticized by molding, for example, the material on the thighs is very thick. It is strongly discouraged to choose dolls with exaggerated body proportions or dolls that are too large, so as not to spoil the experience.

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