Philomena – Mini Sex Doll Real Little Tiny Small Teen Pupil Love Dolls – 120cm

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Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm

Doll size
·Height:3ft 9 / 120cm
·Weight:37.4Lbs / 17kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:22in*16.5in*24in / 56cm*42cm*61cm
·Hand length:14.9in / 38cm
·Foot length:6.6in / 17cm
·Vagina Depth:6.5in / 16.6cm
·Anal depth:4.9in / 12.6cm
·Oral depth:4.1in / 10.6cm


Background Story:

Philomena has polite eyes, attractive facial features, and is as realistic as people. The boys like to wander around her; everyone wants her to be their girlfriend. She worked as a stripper in a living room in Tokyo and came to the United States to have a wealth of experience in hosting her guests.

TPE sex doll-Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm 3ft 9-03
Miwako is a sexy girl from Japan, she is a college student. She is currently studying at Star Optics Park. Her blood type is Type B. Her constellation is Capricorn, the gas field is black bow, black feathers and lace wheels, the favorite food is ramen, beef rice, garlic, stunt is swimming ( Especially the butterfly stroke).

TPE sex doll-Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm 3ft 9-06
In fact, she is a quiet, mature person. I really like the movie of the vampire. When she imitated the vampire image, she was proud, poisonous, proud and fearless. In the dormitory, it will show the maturity side. As an idol of the school, she calls herself “Miss Miwako” and “Miwako Adult”. Her mantra is “Do you want to be sucked by Miwako adults?” “Be careful that Miwako is sucking you!”
She likes to use multiple negative forms to affirm, for example: “I can’t bless you forever,~” “I don’t mean Miwako can’t agree~”, revealing her good character in awkwardness.

TPE sex doll-Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm 3ft 9-04
Japan has one of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty stems not only from appearance but also from virtue. They are respected and shy, and they are the perfect embodiment of women. As we have only heard in myths and mysterious stories. This is the top Japanese sex doll ever.
Sexual dolls not only provide unsatisfied satisfaction for healthy people, but also do a lot of things. They can also help people with specific problems or problems that need to be addressed. She is so sexy, with a few lively chests, if you like them light and sexy, it is perfect for you.

TPE sex doll-Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm 3ft 9-08

We have a large selection of options for love doll of different sizes and styles.

She is absolutely beautiful and looks exactly like a real Japanese girl (or even more sexy). Her chest, hair, lips… The attention to detail is amazing. Imagine a polite, obedient woman whose face and body are beautiful, her body. Her eyes are polite, the five senses are seductive, and as always, true.
The photos of a sex doll made me completely surprised, which doesn’t happen very often. However, when I first saw photos of such Japanese beauty, I knew that I had to take care of her. Made of high-quality materials, she ensures that your sex life complements the real vagina, anus and mouth. She does not resist at all, nor will she get tired of having sex with you.

TPE sex doll-Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm 3ft 9-01

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TPE sex doll-Cute Young Mini Sex Doll Philomena 120cm 3ft 9-07
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