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Peking University and the performing arts should address the community to respect and protect the copyrights of music. At 4:05 p.m. yesterday, two naked men jumped on the hill next to an unnamed Huahua Temple at Peking University. They had only a red rope and a black pen on their chest. Doll. Raft with the guitar hanging from it. Two people, more than 10 meters from the lake, were guarded by security guards from the nearby Peking University security office. One was pushed to the ground and the other was detained by the guards. The guard found two white cloths on a pair of silicone dolls. Looking at the bystanders taking pictures












real love doll

Peking University security personnel evacuated the crowd around Huasheng Temple. Then the two men were taken away by the police. This is the performing arts. Yesterday, the event participant He Jie was a performance art, calling on society to pay attention to the true copyright of music. The stripe pattern of the beautiful girl named real love doll Lake I told Beijing journalists.

He Jie, 28, is a graduate of Peking University. Before we graduated, we met each other, we all like music. Now we are all independent music producers. The record company hopes to make a record and it is said that an illegal copy of this album is very common, the income of musicians It is getting worse. To win copyright for real music.

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