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In this society, there is a kind of person who has sexual gratification for boys. We call it pedophilia, a pathological preference for sexual gratification in young children. Academically, the concept of childhood love began in the late 19th century, but the emergence of Western public opinion essentially began in the late 1970s. The sexual orientation of childhood love is usually directed at prepubescent or undeveloped children. Since the 1990s, with the popularity of online love doll porn ography for children, it has become an increasingly important moral issue in public opinion.

Childhood love is not a mental illness or disease, but it is still considered a crime in our society. Of course, there is a reason for hatred. Although worldwide social and legal laws have taken drastic measures to stop pedophiles, this only complicates the situation. What is the final solution? One suggestion that the media is currently proposing is the use of lifelike sex dolls. Asian countries like China are using love dolls to create markets. TPE-love doll and silicone dolls are on the market today, and the number of sex doll users is increasing daily. Although manufacturers make dolls for adults, the demand for real sex dolls for children is growing. It turns out that people from European countries import children love doll from Chinese manufacturers. However, in recent years, European manufacturers have also been actively producing sex dolls for children. The sales rate of children real doll is increasing every day. If one group of people really considers child sex doll as a possible treatment for pedophilia, another group thinks – buying and selling real sex dolls is hypocritical. Recently, the authorities have denied the successful prevention of some child sex dolls during the transportation process.











Using sex dolls like children Those who attract children are diagnosed by doctors as pedophiles. They can’t help themselves, but they can’t build close relationships with their children. Many girls are victims of male descent. However, there is no medical option for treating pedophiles. So what do you do for those who have been diagnosed as pedophiles but do not want to hurt the Ali children? The following are the benefits of using sex dolls for children. Adult silicone dolls and TPE dolls are widely used. What if the manufacturer can develop a similar doll that looks like a minor? This will be a great help for those who are looking for help. Sex dolls in Asian and European countries like China have produced childlike dolls with an average size of 3.5 inches. If you want to customize a doll, you can also place an order with the manufacturer. Most Chinese manufacturers produce and export child dolls, but they do not always accept the truth publicly. On the other hand, many manufacturers do not produce child dolls for social “moral” values.

Disputes over children’s use of sex dolls among children Sex toys used by adults are almost universally accepted by societies around the world, but these societies do not accept adult sex dolls, even for their own benefit. “Society should consider using love dolls,” said Juliet Grayson. It is also a crime against childhood love and wants a child’s sex doll to ensure that other children remain intact. A love doll that allows pedophiles to import and use children can help innocent men who do not want to harm their children. However, a British judge ruled that child sex dolls are “indecent.” British authorities seized more than 120 child sex dolls at the border crossing. Everyone has the right to live freely without causing harm to others. Those who love childhood and struggle with themselves not to harm their children deserve our attention and help. Pedophiles are encouraged to buy and use child love dolls so they can control their desires and learn to live quietly in society.

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