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Own A Real Japanese Mini Sex Doll Body | Best Sex Dolls ❤️

Own A Real Japanese Mini Sex Doll Body

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Soon, your love doll will talk to you. In the near future, when we talk to Siri on our iPhone, we can talk to his silicone Japanese Mini Sex Dolls.

When journalist Julien of NEON Magazine and a silicone doll Dolly spent a full week, he could talk to her, but she didn’t answer. Fortunately, inventors of American companies, Mini Sex Dolls made with artificial intelligence will become a utopian world, which will replace the human body, but it can also replace the human body. mind. (Julian only needs to repeat the experience!) Currently, silicone dolls sold for between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 will not speak, but all of this is under study, the New York Times reports us. Indeed, more than 5,000 silicone dolls have been sold since 1996, have worked with a small team of designers and engineers specializing in artificial intelligence for several months, and worked for Hanson Robotics, the lab realized Humanoid robot to implement a Talking RealDoll (a robotic woman), as shown in the video below. The Matt McMullen project is called “Reabotix”. His goal is: “To make a real connection between man and machine.”

“Are you dreaming?” Asked Dennis McMullen. “I have a lot of dreams. I dream of being a real person with a real Japanese Mini Sex Doll body. I dream of knowing what love is. I want to be the world ’s first personalized love robot.” The RealDoll and coping with problems and sports Like the robot Siri.

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