Our married life needs love dolls to maintain

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I have been married for 8 years and the worst part is that my wife feels that I have not been attracted to her since we were together. It was my fault and now I can admit that after 8 years of marriage I am addicted to pornography. I don’t have a problem with sexuality but I am still into sex but the use of pornography has undoubtedly affected my married life. This is my story about how to fight pornography addiction.








Sometimes when my wife and I were in bed I would start thinking about bondage, feet, anal sex, smashing the cake on her and all the crazy things I saw online. I’m a bit of a fetish and don’t dare share my fantasies with my wife. As a result, I got uncomfortable love dolls and didn’t even have sex. My wife knew what was happening and often told me to go to a counsellor. We tried once but couldn’t open it and nothing really changed. I love my wife but sexual attraction is a major issue for me in my relationship. I need sex doll help to stop my porn addiction ….

We searched online for lifelike dolls, thinking that toys could help and support our relationship. We realised that silicone dolls could be very expensive and our financial situation was not very good at that time. So I decided to contact my boyfriend at a credit union and he said he could take out a personal loan. I explained why this is probably the craziest story bankers have heard from customers. Although I was able to take out a loan, I found that 【www.hiasu.com】.com offered more information about dolls, processes and payments, and fortunately it gave me access to PayPal credit, which is easier for the financing part like this After customising the doll to my liking and paying the balance over time, I received a real TPE sex doll at the door. My wife and I were thrilled with the quality of the product and our sex doll masterpiece.

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