Online TPE love doll are toxic?

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The TPE has been carefully collected online. TPE materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, non-toxic materials that do not produce endocrine disrupters. TPE materials have been increasingly used in food packaging materials, kitchenware, tableware and baby products in recent years. Including the application of raw materials in the medical industry: suction balls, instrument handles, medical rollers, belts, containers, gas masks, various pipe fittings, plugs and related medical supplies.










I saw on the Internet that TPE materials contain polystyrene. Polystyrene releases benzene, which is toxic and carcinogenic. Tested Dongdong polystyrene, this is also non-toxic, and this material is also used in large quantities to make food packaging. It is recommended not to heat it to too high a temperature (above 80 ° C), as this may lead to harmful substances (controversial).

The reason why TPE love dolls are questioned for safety reasons is mainly the problem of oil and odor. These two powerful manufacturers have made a better upgrade. When we buy sex dolls, we try to buy them from big brands as much as possible.

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