One Night Stand: Meet and Greet Just Got A Whole Lot Dirtier

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Is it so much to ask to have a good time without all the added drama, all the attached strings that we just get tangled up in, and the mess of an emotional rollercoaster at the end of it all? Sometimes we just want to have fun, be exhausted from so many orgasms and then leave.

One Night Stand.

What exactly is a one-night stand and what’s involved? Well, as the name suggests, it is a onetime encounter, the sexual experience you will have is going to be for tonight and no further commitment is expected from both parties. In and out, literally.

People have different ideas on this concept, and each to their own I always say, but you can click here for information on what’s said about it from a further relationship point and views on the topic.

Sex vs A Fuck.

Essentially the smaller details are the same, the nakedness the same, and the end goal to reach orgasm the same, but they are quite distinct.

When you are having a random hook up with some stranger you have just met in a bar or online or even on the tram, and you go to the place and have a one-night fuck session, in the morning nothing will have changed.

You will look the same, feel the same, and you will not experience the feeling of being liberated, the fuck was simply an act to fill either a void in your life or perhaps you had spare time and energy you needed to use up.

Having sex, on the other hand, is a different movie altogether, you have an intimate connection, sparks of passion fly all over the room, its messy hair don’t care, but you feel safe and have that sense of security.

Advantages of a Quick Shag.

It might sound tacky to some uppity, we don’t color out the lines’ kind of people, but there are so many more benefits than we give the ‘taboo’ conversation credit for. First of all, you won’t have to see that person ever again, anything that happened is done and dusted and you can start fresh with the next person.

Some men and women get a thrill from doing something spontaneous and adventurous that just so happens to end in a hopefully exploding orgasm and you can take away a crazy story to tell your girlfriends over wine, or bottles thereof.

A big factor to take into account is that there are no emotions exchanged!  You don’t have to consider any feelings or stroke any egos. You can have a dirty sex hook up and be brunching the next day with not a care in the world.

Your sex count will naturally increase, but this will also allow you to sieve through the blow-your-mind-collapse-in-a-pile-of-sweat-and-heavy-breathing sex to the unfortunate reminder of what not so great sex is-boo to that episode. 

With all the number of dating apps and websites out there to help singles find love and their life partners, wouldn’t it be great if we could have the same for arranging a simple session of sex to blow off some steam? Well, then folks today is your lucky day!

No more needing to go to a club or bar and chat someone up, who needs all that work to begin with anyway, now it’s as simple as downloading this app and you’ll be on your way to meet and fuck like-minded people in no time.

You’ll be free to slut it up with no judgy looks or comments, none of the negative stigmas that tend to follow this lifestyle and no shamed feeling afterward.

6 Reasons Why People Go for a One Night Stand.

  • Open-Minded. You have a friend who is as open and relaxed about giving it a go, you are both keen to get experimental and are aware that there are no expectations to come out of it.
  • Routine. Sometimes we just want one night where we can step into a different life, out of the mundane 9-5 routine all week long, and throw on a killer pair of heels, something silky we wouldn’t normally wear and ‘go to town’ on the next bloke that catches your eye.
  • It’s the Drought Season. A literal rogering showdown to get you out your rut can be for just that, clean out the cupboard, dust off the cobwebs, bring on the torrential rain people.
  • Your Choice. It’s your body, your life, so why the hell not.
  • Break-Ups. You’ve come out of a long-term relationship but still have the urge, one and done is the cure for you.
  • Mutual. Because you both know what’s expected and the process, an app with people having the same sexual arousals is a great way to cut out the payment option.

Safe Sex.

We’ve all heard the speeches and adverts, but ‘not’ being safe is going to impact your life 100 times more than any 1 bang hook up, you need to practice safe sex. Many contraceptive options are available on the market, from over the counter condoms to appointments where diaphragms or coils are placed inside of you to the pill taken daily.

Most of them are pretty straightforward to use, but the one that seems to be tricky for people and thus they tend to be hesitant to use them, is the humble condom, and yet putting it on is easier than having any coil fitted.

I’m not going to go into all the details of how exactly to put one on, but for those beginners out there, watch this quick video for an easy tutorial and become a condom wearing ninja-in more ways than one no doubt.

Toys and Techniques.

Now, not all one-nighters allow for crazy equipment or leather strips and latex, but for those that do, brilliant, the night will have got a whole lot more interesting.

Now is the time to try new things, if it fails who cares, they’ll be gone in the morning and you’ll have learned what not to do, so pack that spiked dildo and cuffs and get your freak on.

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