Notes on caring for your Mini Sex Doll

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Before I talk about how to take care of Mini Sex Dolls, I would like to discuss with you a very real problem of buying Mini Sex Dolls: “How to hide Mini Sex Dolls”. Many of our friends have encountered opposition from their families when buying Mini Sex Dolls, or they are not allowed to live in the environment, but they want to buy one, so the thought of how to hide the Mini Sex Doll they bought comes to their mind. Here I would like to tell you that if you have to hide your Mini Sex Doll, it is best to think carefully and think twice before you buy it, because forcing it to be hidden may result in the Mini Sex Doll not being able to be placed or stored properly, increasing the chance of damage. It is also a great pleasure to interact with Mini Sex Dolls, and it is a psychological burden to have to hide. Of course you can find some storage furniture with a cover effect on the market, such as storage sofas or simple wardrobes, but please assess for yourself whether they are useful. It is advisable to think carefully before you buy, communicate with your family or see if there are storage conditions before you buy, otherwise it will be a lot of trouble to deal with. Okay, let’s move on to today’s topic.

1. How should I clean my Mini Sex Doll?
a. General Cleaning: If the Mini Sex Doll is accidentally stained with dirt or dust, you can try to wipe it with a wet towel and body wash, if you encounter stains that cannot be cleaned with body wash, you can try to remove them with make-up remover. When you encounter a Mini Sex Doll that is dirty, you can also consider taking your Mini Sex Doll for a bath. The tpe material may be deformed due to the temperature! This is irreversible! This is irreversible!
b. Cleaning after use: generally Mini Sex Doll can be used in places other than the mouth, private parts, anus, but Mini Sex Doll because of different manufacturers, Mini Sex Doll only has 1-2 of these functions, the mouth and anus is certainly a one-piece (internal channel and the body is inseparable), a single private parts will exist in the split design, this split cleaning is very easy to It is very easy to clean this split type, just take the nomogram off after use and wash it. If it’s a one-piece, you either have to lift the Mini Sex Doll into the bathroom to wash it after use, or you can buy an online cleaning tool (available from Sompo). Either way, remember to cover the body with a towel after washing and gently pat dry, never wipe hard to avoid abrasion or scratches on the surface of the Mini Sex Doll. It’s super absorbent and easy to remove. The last thing you need to do is to remember to apply a toner once your body is dry to keep your Mini Sex Doll’s skin feeling its best.

2. How to maintain
Mini Sex Doll’s body will have a constant and chronic oiliness, which varies depending on the material of the Mini Sex Doll, generally speaking the oiliness of silicone Mini Sex Doll is mild, while the oiliness of tpe Mini Sex Doll is more obvious. This is why regular maintenance is so important to ensure that the body of the Mini Sex Doll is smooth and soft to the touch. The powder can be used by many people, such as prickly heat powder, cornstarch, talcum powder, but here I still recommend the baby prickly heat powder (talcum powder), then buy a set of powder puff box, when playing powder with the powder puff evenly on the Mini Sex Doll body full of powder (can be denser), and then use your hands to wipe evenly, this is the most efficient, children use the talcum powder. This is the most efficient way.

3. What should I do if I stain?
Due to the nature of tpe material, it is particularly easy for certain dark dyes to cause adsorption and so-called staining. When you put dark clothes on Mini Sex Doll or sit on a dark sofa, you will find that Mini Sex Doll’s body produces bruise-like purple-black stains and cannot be removed with make-up remover. Apply a thin layer and leave it for a period of time, usually overnight, you will find that the stained area becomes lighter or completely removed, if not completely removed then apply 1-2 times, it will definitely be removed. We recommend that you wear dark clothes inside buy a flesh-coloured jumpsuit to protect Mini Sex Doll, or be sure to soak dark clothes repeatedly and wash until they do not fade, there are also netizens who suggest using soap for better results. gentle tip: Mini Sex Doll is particularly sensitive to black, dark blue and other colours, so be sure to pay attention.

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