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Love doll is a big pit, thinks you can have both the advantages of solid and inflatable, who knows the advantages are not absorbed, there are many disadvantages. Originally it was cheaper, manufacturers want to cut costs and make profits, so simple. . . Tragedy. It’s really. . Buy a baby to see clearly, hundreds of physical sex dolls can not be bought. Mostly inflatable dolls. Look at the price and weight.








In general, most of the reasons for cartoonists to send designs are illness or material, and there are urgent matters at home, but the strangeness is only refreshed, not reduced. Like the reason why the Gongkou cartoonist was suspended a few years ago, it makes people laugh. At that time, “Pinky” was responsible for writing and issuing a statement saying that Lao Wet had to leave the foreskin because of the fierce tail pipe, and the tail pipe had been banned before the deadline. Old Wet has news again this time. He bought a sex doll and prepared to make love to it. He did not expect that he would be allergic … According to Lao Wet’s self-exposure, he is allergic to the material of love dolls . When he touches the real doll directly, he has eczema on his body. To his own luck, he found a way to put on stockings and long gloves for the sex doll …. This old experience in wet life is very rich. He was a cowboy, planted a land, a firefighter and officially Before her debut, she also worked as an assistant to Hideo Ayano’s wife Yoko Anno. Japanese Internet users are happy: “I want to touch, but I can’t touch …” “Please take care of yourself!” “Old wet, are you okay? You must use medicine well and get better soon.” Cruel thing. “

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