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I bought an old model (height 172, bust 91, hip 92); The head carvings are Olivia (human hair transplant) and Nana (wig hair transplant).

Head carving: 99 points

As shown below, the head carving is my most satisfied part! The real object is even better than the picture!

The eyelash part is planted very well, long and dense. The key point is that it is also planted very solidly and is not easy to fall off. The eyebrows are also very detailed. I’m very satisfied with the makeup. The very good red lips and powder Blusher look very beautiful, and they won’t be vulgar with heavy makeup.

The facial features are also very good. Both Nana and Olivia are very realistic. Looking into their eyes is like looking at a real person. It is equivalent to or even inferior to the level of official photos.

One point will be deducted for nitpicking. One is that the head carving is harder, the other is that the eyes are not easy to rotate, so they should rotate more carefully. In addition, there are really no other shortcomings.

Real hair: 99 points

In particular, we recommend friends who want to have hair transplants. They must try real hair. Because one of the head carvings I bought is a real person and the other is a wig, I can obviously feel the difference.

The real hair is particularly soft and silky, even softer than the real girl’s hair, and the real hair has a very good smell, and I still don’t want to wash it up to now.

The only point deducted is to maintain it carefully. Because human hair is particularly easy to stick to the silicone body, we often have to powder the collarbone of the neck, shoulders and shoulders to avoid accidental sticking and hair loss. But I strongly recommend human hair transplantation!

Body hand / shoulder: 95 points

The nails and hand joints are very strong, and you can put out all kinds of fine hand movements at will. The shape and texture are also great and realistic.

The shoulder width of 38 is a point I am very satisfied with. It can hold up a lot of good-looking clothes. The overall doll looks more atmospheric, which is in line with the shoulder width of 172 height.

The only drawback is that the muscles in the thumb and palm areas are so thin that some movements put the thumb in a strange position. But on the whole, I’m still very satisfied.


Body chest / abdomen: 80 points

If it’s just about shape, I even want to give full marks. The chest naturally expands and sags slightly, which is particularly perfect in front or side view. The shape of the abdomen is also very good. There are some micro muscle lines on the upper and both sides of the abdomen, which can better show the plumpness and beauty of the old model.

However, I think the disadvantage of deducting points is that the chest is not as soft as expected. The real person’s chest is very soft, and you can squeeze out the cleavage with one touch; However, the chest here is not very soft, and the chest shape itself expands outward, which makes it difficult to squeeze out the cleavage. This is especially reflected in wearing clothes. Some less tight jackets or bras can’t squeeze out the groove.

But if you say it’s hard, it’s not hard. Its softness has reached 70 ~ 80% of that of a real person. It can only be said that this chest shape is too perfect, resulting in high expectations for softness.

Body back / hip: 85 points

See Figure 1 below. On both sides of the back spine, the flesh feeNana from shoulder to waist is particularly full. There is also a lot of meat under the hips, which won’t be too hard to touch. The overall concavity and convexity are good, and the lines are great.

The disadvantage is that there is less meat on both sides of the hip, as shown in Figure 2 below, which makes the doll’s thighs look very uncomfortable when splitting on both sides. That’s why I only give 85 points.

Body leg / foot: 99 points

As shown in the figure below, the lower leg of the old model is prone to valgus (that is, the knees can’t close together). I like this very much, but different people have different opinions. The softness of thighs and calves is similar to that of buttocks, not too hard.

The foot is standing without nails, the steel ring will not be too obvious, and the lines from the thigh to the sole of the foot are formed at one go. So I gave 99 points here. If it’s a little softer, you’ll get full marks.

Other body – flexible joints / painting / blood vessels / lower body: 95 points

The joints are hard. If you are not a pure PA wa party, this should be an advantage. The painting and blood vessels of the whole body are very good. Faint blood vessels and skin lines can be seen from the neck, clavicle, back of hand, chest, thigh and calf.

The hair planting on the lower body is neat and doesn’t look too messy. The appearance and slap feel of the lower body are pretty good, regular.

Conclusion: 93 points

Overall, the average score is 93, but I think it depends on your own needs.

If you have the following needs, I suggest you start:

Pai wa party, or Pai wa Pai wa half

Perfect and true carving

Attaches great importance to the fidelity of dolls and wants a doll like a real person

If your needs are the following, it is not recommended that you start immediately. You can read more comments from other leaders / ask customer service before considering whether to start:

Pure PA baby does not pat baby

Attach great importance to the softness of the body. The chest, buttocks, thighs and other places must be as soft as real people or TPE materials.

I think the experience that Olivia and Nana gave me is like a humanoid art at home. The value of visual effect and appreciation is greater than sex.

The customer service was also great. Overall, it was a satisfactory shopping experience.

I didn’t powder before taking photos, because the doll itself has little oil, and its oil has no peculiar smell or bad smell. In addition to taking care of human hair and powdering around the neck, other parts have not been powdered much.

Finally, some beautiful photos are attached. They look good no matter how they are taken.

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