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Dirk fell in love with his wife Silicone Japanese Mini Sex Doll Jenny. For photographer Sandra Hoyn, the couple agreed to reveal her intimacy. Love plastic.

Dirk and Jenny see themselves as a couple like everyone else. However, their relationship is indeed not simple. For four years, Dirk (not his real name) launched a silicone doll, and he decided to name it Jenny. Thanks to her, he found love again. But for this he still had to spend € 6,000. Love at first sight is so expensive …

Our reporter Julien also tried to spend a little love story with Love Doll (found testimony in NEON # 26), but the experience has not End the marriage like Dirk and his beloved. The former depression patient, if he didn’t want to show up publicly, still agreed to meet the photographer Sandra Hoyn and tell him the story. “Jenny comforts me. Japanese Mini Sex Doll is my best remedy. He admits that it completely changed my life, my way of thinking, and the definition of freedom, love, and husband and wife.

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