Must Be Washed At Least Once Or Twice A Month Real Mini Sex Doll

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If you have a good physical condition, that M ‘looks like this, I recommend a doll with a minimum of 150, because for me, the real Mini Sex Doll below is too small to let them find clothes and have the feel of a real woman . For buying dolls, I also recommend them to identify the sites they refer to.

Mini Sex Doll is also the only person who has after-sales service, this is where I am. Especially don’t buy on eBay and ali Express. Regardless of brand size, your first doll comes with removable inserts for easy cleaning, and at first you will have sex with everyone like everyone, so if her vagina is fixed.

You may soon get bored with cleaning, so of course you must wash it at least once or twice a month instead of once every time like a vagina. The weight and handling of real Mini Sex Dolls is often the reason for reselling dolls. Very good introduction and very sincere. I think we have many obstacles to women’s gender.

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