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What is a MINI SEX DOLL?

(known also as love doll, erotic doll, fuck doll, silicone doll, silicone wives or girlfriends…)

MINI SEX DOLL is a sex toy in the shape of a perfectly sexy woman, anatomically correct, full body, with 3 places for the action: mouth, vagina and anal hole.

Just to add: it’s not always a woman, or even a human (ie Elfs). And you are not limited to using just holes (foot fetishists, I’m looking at you). And sometimes boobs and ass are unreal big. And sometimes dolls are shorter than 100 cm. Or without limbs and head. Anyway, most of the time our definition holds ?

While inflatable, plastic blow-up MINI SEX DOLLs are still around and quite useable, the trend in the love dolls industry is clear: inflatable love dolls belong to yesterday, today realistic MINI SEX DOLLs rule, and tomorrow belongs to smart MINI SEX DOLLs and sex robots.

Today’s standard is real MINI SEX DOLLs. Dolls have full body, with almost all details including face and hair, with special care given to vagina (or penis), mouth and anus. Because of movable joints their limbs and head can move, and in a wider range than a normal human (well, you might want to fuck your doll in some yoga-guru-level-hard position without breaking it). So these life-like love dolls can lie down, sit, kneel and even stand up.

Used materials are silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) for skin and metal skeleton. You can guess from the price range there is more to the story, and you are right. The metal used for the skeleton can be some steel that does-the-job or some more expensive material – lighter, more durable and flexible, etc.

TPE MINI SEX DOLLs are typically cheaper than silicone ones, especially when we talk about medical-grade or platinum silicone. TPE is softer, nice to touch, very flexible. It can stretch a lot and still retain its original shape. It is also lighter than silicone.

But silicone is the king. It has no smell, dolls are much more durable and resistant to scratches, heat, sunlight… Your silicone MINI SEX DOLL lives longer and healthier life and is easier for maintenance than her TPE love doll cousin. Sometimes silicone love dolls have holes made of TPE – it’s softer at the end of the day.

More customizable modern MINI SEX DOLLs are more expensive. For most of the dolls during ordering, you can choose body shape, skin tone, the color of eyes and hairstyle, size of breasts and ass, vagina or penis, etc. Sometimes even tattoos, details about nails, pubic hair…

Premium MINI SEX DOLLs have all of that and in addition, some parts can be anytime detached and reattached so today you can enjoy narrow-vagina redhead with small breasts and tomorrow brunette futanari with big dick and enormous tits. There are upgrades for them too – start with standard mouth and later buy her new vibrating mouth.


When choosing your love doll’s basics (body shape, skin tone) list of options is almost endless, looks like list of categories on some big porn site: curvy, athletic, slim, fantasy (would you fuck a pale, tall, slim Elf?), small Japanese, hunk male, transexual, black, flat chested, big boobs, (unreal) enormous boobs and ass, petite, milf, anime male, mini dolls.

If customization is not enough for you and you know exactly what you want you can order a fully custom modern MINI SEX DOLL. You are limited just with your imagination, the money you are ready to spend and two simple rules:
1. No child-like-looking MINI SEX DOLLs
2. No love dolls that resemble too much to a celebrity or anyone else who could sue you (unless you have permission).

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