Mini sex dolls and adult sex dolls, how to choose?

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When considering miniature sex dolls versus adult sex dolls, many people have a hard time making the right choice. Of course, if your budget allows, you can choose to buy both, which is not the case for many people. Therefore, I will provide you with the best answer to this question.











What is a miniature sex doll?
Dolls that are between 50 and 120 cm tall are often called mini sex dolls. In general, miniature love dolls look cute and innocent and always give an urge to keep them safe. They have chubby faces, big eyes, soft arms and legs, and flat breasts. However, some mini sex dolls have perky breasts and look very attractive and vibrant.

Reasons to choose mini sex dolls

Acceptable price
Mini sex dolls usually cost between $400 and $900, with only a few dolls costing more than $1000. Dolls at this price point are affordable for many people. Due to the price, customers will have enough budget to choose their favorite mini love dolls instead of accepting regular dolls.

Many people like the cute appearance. The healing smile, innocent eyes and pink mouth make many people want to hug her and kiss her pink little face. White skin, soft body, cute clothes, mini sex doll is like a perfect work of art.

Lightweight, portable and easy to store
Another great advantage of the mini love doll is its light weight. Mini sex dolls are usually about 10KG high and 100cm long, making them easy to store and carry. You can store it in a small and hidden corner, which eliminates a lot of unnecessary trouble and embarrassment. If you plan to travel or move, you can put it in your backpack or luggage. You can easily take it anywhere you like.

Emotional support
Many poor parents in the world have lost their children. They always miss their children, so they want to customize a doll just like their children as their emotional support. Although the customized doll will not talk or grow up, the sweet smile is enough to make parents less sad and cheer up for a new life.

First Time Buyers
For many beginners, perhaps they are buying sex dolls out of temporary interest, or they don’t want to be scammed. Since many stores sell fake sex dolls. Therefore, mini sex dolls are the best choice for beginners. They can determine if they are interested in sex dolls with a relatively small budget. They only put a small amount of money at risk. Some beginners may have misconceptions about the weight of adult sex dolls. When buying full size sex dolls, they regret it because of the weight class.

What is an adult sex doll?

Adult sex dolls are generally 140 to 180cm or more in height, giving them a mature look and feel. There are also some 100cm adult erotic dolls (for example, the amazingly curvy BBW erotic dolls, huge breast erotic dolls, and big ass erotic dolls), but the price is about the same as other adult erotic dolls.

Reasons for choosing adult sex dolls.

Advanced sex doll owners or collectors
Many erotic doll lovers enjoy collecting a variety of adult erotic dolls. For example, one European client owns over 100 sex dolls, but he is still not satisfied with his collection and still spends tens of thousands of dollars a year on sex dolls. Some senior owners are tired of the simplicity of miniature erotic dolls and want to try a perfect full-size erotic doll so they can play more sophisticated games. When you are used to playing with toys, you will not be satisfied and look for more complex toys.

Sexual Needs
For people with strong sexual needs, mini sex dolls just won’t cut it. Generally speaking, mini sex dolls have only two holes. For adult sex dolls, you can have intercourse in a variety of ways, such as oral sex or breast sex, which can completely satisfy the fantasies of many players. If the sex doll is properly adjusted, you can play with her in a variety of strange positions. Moreover, the doll’s perfect body, exquisite face and sexy clothes will stimulate you visually.

Perfect body and appearance
Many people like women with perfect body curves. For example, people like to watch the lingerie models of Vimy during the runway. Men like these models because of their well-proportioned bodies and long, slender limbs. However, it is hard to find such girls in the real world. With sex dolls, this becomes very easy. The bodies, limbs and makeup of all the dolls have been carefully designed. The BWH measurements of sex dolls are better than the models.

Emotional attachment
Many husbands who have lost their wives may customize sex dolls based on their wives to remember their memories. Husbands will communicate with the sex dolls about all the things that happened in their lives and just pretend that their wives are still alive and that they are discussing something very interesting. For example, there was a Japanese client who was unable to be with his wife because he spent a lot of time working abroad. When he retired, his wife passed away. Therefore, he customized a set of dolls to commemorate all the stages of his wife’s life from young to old.

Mini Sex Dolls V.S. Adult sex dolls, the ultimate choice.

Through the above demonstration, I believe you have a general understanding of how to choose. Here is ultimate advice.

If you are on a tight budget, go straight to mini sex dolls. There may be a lot of very cheap and exciting adult dolls out there, but this may be a scam.
For easy storage and portability, go with a mini sex doll or sex doll torso.
Emotional attachment may vary from person to person.
Preferences may vary from person to person.
Mini sex dolls are recommended for beginners. If you prefer a full size sex doll, you can purchase one.
For the best sexual experience, please consider an adult sex doll first.

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