Mini Sex Doll Story:Her abuses were making me hornier and hornier.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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Her abuses were making me hornier and hornier.

Me: I will tear your ass and pussy tonight! In the morning, you will ask me to stitch it for you.

She: I’ll bite your cock after which you will cry to pull your underwear after this session.

I increased the speed. “Thap… Thap… Thap..” She was teasing me, “Is this all you have got?”

I started pressing her boobs very hard. I was sucking, biting, pressing, hugging and what more to explore.

My crush was moaning, “Ahh…Ah… Ahaaaaaaaa..don’t stop…. Cum…cum…cum hard…” She came a huge load my cock was drenched. I came too.

We were not able to move an inch after that and barely managed to find a place to sit. Her pussy was swollen. My cock was done. I was sucking her tits like a baby and slept there.

At around 12, aunty called her and asked where she was? Ramya told her that she was on the terrace, (I was out of words by hearing this) enjoying some breeze and thought not to disturb aunty.

Also, she informed her that she was coming down. Instantly, she got ready and managed to get down. I told her that I will come after the aunty leaves. Then Ramya left.

That was a wonderful session with my cock-hungry tigress, Ramya.

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