Mini Sex Doll Story: We started exchanging the saliva and continued our passionate kiss.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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I went back to our table. As soon as I returned, Abi went to the washroom and relieved himself. As soon as he returned, he sat by my side. The ambiance was good and romantic, and the lights were dim.

Abi placed his hand on my face and kissed my lips. He then started exploring my mouth with his tongue. We started exchanging the saliva and continued our passionate kiss. We didn’t bother about the surrounding.













Abi placed his hands on my boobs over the top. He pinched my nipple over the dress, and a slightly loud moan let out. We got conscious after this, and we adjusted ourselves. We looked into each other’s eyes and decided to do an adventure at the bar itself.

Abi slowly put his hand inside the trouser and touched my pussy. By that time, pussy was already wet, and my panty was almost soaked with this. He started to enter inside with a finger. Once inside, I started to move in and out slowly. In the meantime, I opened the chain of the jeans Abi wore.

I started touching the hard penis. Released his penis from the underwear and started stroking it while he was busy fingering my pussy. We could not control it anymore. I wanted to fuck badly. That time I was cursing myself for not wearing the one piece.

Abi went to the washroom after adjusting his dress. After a couple of minutes, I went behind him. As soon as I entered the washroom, he pulled me towards the gent’s toilet and closed the door. He slid my trouser and lowered his jeans as well.

He bent me in a doggy style (my favorite pose). He put some saliva on his penis and placed it over my pussy. He pushed his penis inside with force. I let a huge moan because of this. He started moving his penis to and fro motions from behind.

While fucking me, he got hold of my boobs as support and started squeezing and pinching my nipple. It was quite a horny moment for me.

Me (shouting): Fuck me hard. Press my boobies.

Abi: I will fuck your ass if you shout.

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