Mini Sex Doll Story: Then I undid her bra and dropped it.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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Meera: Take off that bra, baby and do whatever you want.

Then I undid her bra and dropped it. I started licking one of her sexy Kerala nipples and squeezed the other one simultaneously. After some time, the mallu chechi guided me to another. She liked my act very much and enjoy it. That with seducing me with her erotic moans.




















Then I started mauling her boobs and sucked hard as I could.

Meera: Ahhh…Do like this more, more and more.

Then I played like that for almost twenty more minutes. After that, she said –

Meera: Let’s move to the bedroom.

Her room was cold enough as she turned on the ac when I started my way to her home. Then she lay in the bed. I sucked hard her boobs once again and moved to her navel area. Her navel looked so beautiful because of the silky hair on her tummy.

I kissed her sexy mallu navel lightly. Her navel was big enough to put my two fingers in it and it was cleaned as fuck. I licked her navel hard for a few minutes. Then I poured some chocolate syrup on her tummy, navel and started licking and sucking to clean her body.

There was a small fridge the corner of her room. I opened it and found ice cubes in it. I took that ice tray to the bed and placed an ice cube on her tummy. The beautiful mallu chechi shivered from the coldness of that cube!

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