Mini Sex Doll Story: Sona soaked in the intense pleasure.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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Sona soaked in the intense pleasure. Her head slammed against the pillows and cushions as she cried out. Pleasure crashed over her in a thunderous wave. She could only moan. She was lost in her world. She spread her legs, drawing me deeper, holding me closer.

We were lost in a frantic rhythm. There was no cleaning, no trails, no barriers. Instead, there was Sona, raw and real, the need building up inside her and the ache of longing in her pounding heart. Sona’s body stiffened. She was cumming now, tightening and pulsing more than ever.

I kept licking and milking her hard-swollen flesh while she fought to herself to keep every movement steady and controlled. In a flash, she exploded, and she burst out, moving her body frantically. Sona moaned, “Saab, yes, you are so good.”

Her ass moved up, and her body drew uptight and heavy, primed for full release. I held on, licking her hard and deep, making her pussy leak till the last drop of her juices. Sona collapsed on the bed under her back-to-back releases. Her body lay motionless.

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