Mini Sex Doll Story: So I took a bath and decided to stay naked the entire day.

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So I took a bath and decided to stay naked the entire day. The air felt great against my pussy and made me feel sensations in my entire body. I continued to clean the apartment pinching my nipples now and then and rubbing my pussy continuously.

I had washed my clothes and they needed to be dried outside in the sun. When I started wearing a robe, a chill went up to my spine. I wanted someone to see me. My pussy became even more wet thinking about it and the moisture started trailing down my leg.

Then I went outside on the terrace in broad daylight with the sun illuminating my entire body. My nipples became rock hard. Anyone standing on their balcony or watching through the window could have seen my bouncing tits from carrying the clothes and my pink pussy (I shaved regularly and had no pubic hair).

I started hanging the clothes with excitement rushing through me. I had just finished hanging my office clothes for drying when saw a man standing on the opposite apartment’s balcony watching me. I shrieked a little mentally and was about to rush inside but stood still. The man did not know that I had noticed him.

He looked shocked seeing me naked and was trying to shift sideways to have a look at my tits, which were hidden from the clothes hanging! I decided to give him a show. I continued to hang my clothes and kept bouncing my large melons deliberately to make them juggle.

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