Mini Sex Doll Story: She makes me swallow it by squeezing my balls very hard.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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She makes me swallow it by squeezing my balls very hard. Then she goes inside and gets her red heels and wears them. She makes me lick it clean and shiny. She also tells me she would get a chastity cage and lock my little cock because it doesn’t deserve a pussy anymore.

She calls one of her friends and tells her about me. She tells her friend that she will give one of the keys to her, and she can own me too. She tells me to freshen up and leave. And tells me no touching my dick unless told to.

Again another week of teasing and denial by her and her friend made my balls ache like they were on fire. They both ask me to meet them, and they pick me up in their car this time. They park it near a highway.

My junior and her friend, who is 27, both sit next to me in the back seat. They drop my pants down, and both hold my arm. Both hold each of my balls, and both press it. I scream and try to cover my balls.

I almost start crying, and they let go. Now they suck my dick and make it all hard. They get me to the edge of an orgasm. My junior holds both of my hands while her friends grab my balls and start slapping them.

I start screaming again. They take a towel and shove it in my mouth. She keeps slapping until my erection is soft, and my junior takes turns doing the same. Then they tell me to jerk off to their feet and cum on both of their feet.

My balls hurt with every stroke. But I still do it and cum on their feet to lick everything clean.

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