Mini Sex Doll Story: She kissed my lips deeply and fondled my balls

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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My first thought was whether Virat just fucked her swollen pussy or her battered ass. She walked toward me, and I noticed the key to my cage was on her neck as a locket. She pulled out the tape and my mouth gag that was her panty.

She kissed my lips deeply and fondled my balls, making me squirm. She finally untied me, and I didn’t say a word.

V: Harshita, go down on him. Take off his cage and make him feel better.

I was still sitting on the chair. She got down on her knees, taking out the key and freeing my dick. Within moments my dick sprung up to life. Harshita started stroking it, soon followed by her mouth. I was feeling extraordinary, and she kept going in.

I didn’t realize what Virat was up to for a moment. But I felt a figure approaching as Harshita stopped sucking. The next thing was that her hands were being tied behind her.

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