Mini Sex Doll Story: just control herself, letting out huge moans.

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Preethi is a Mini Sex Doll

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All this made her go crazy. She was twitching her legs, pressing the bedsheet to just control herself, letting out huge moans. This turned me on crazily, I couldn’t help myself, but I had a huge hard-on seeing all this!

Slowly, he slid his hand inside her leggings and her underwear. He was rubbing her clit, on one hand, sucking her nipples and squeezing the other breast with his other hand. Doing all these in parallel, made Preethi go crazy and she was in a heavenly state.







Then Preethi came hard and let out a huge moan, as he was doing these 3 things. Then he removed her leggings and underwear. He looked her in the eyes, as he started licking her body, kissing it and travelling down below.

He was looking at her eyes while kissing her soft skin. My wife lost all her inhibitions and she felt she was with someone who made her feel so special.

My buddy then licked and kissed her inner thighs. She was enjoying this sensation. He smelled the hairy pussy of my wife, as it is the best intoxicating scent. Then he started licking her pussy lips while rubbing her clit with his hand simultaneously.

She was in a trance and kept pushing his head closer to her vagina. She was about to cum again. The rubbing of the clit was faster, he was licking so fast. With one hand of hers, she kept pushing his head deeper inside her vagina, while with the other hand she was squeezing her breasts herself.

After a minute or so, she came with a huge orgasm. Her body sensations were so strong that they bounced his head off the vagina. She was so tired after all this, so was he. Then she said-

Preethi: You are just an amazing person in bed, every part of my body felt pleasure for the first time in my life. Thanks for making me feel so good.

Karthik: You are such a sexy woman. You deserve all the pleasure in this world. Glad that I could be your slave tonight.

Even though my friend wanted to push his hard dick inside my wife’s pussy that night, he felt he broke the barrier that existed between them and now she trusted him completely.

This is the start of the series. I will post what happened in the next 5 days in the subsequent parts.

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