Mini Sex Doll Story: I placed my hand on her waist and increased the intensity of the kissing.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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The next day, he went to the office. I asked my mom to wear the saree again. She refused, and I forced her to wear it. Surprisingly, she changed her dress in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. She came to my room wearing a petticoat and blouse and wore a saree in front of me.

I couldn’t resist and went near her and tried to touch her. At last, I hugged her from behind and inserted a saree into her petticoat.

















Pallavi: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: You are just making it slow.

She laughed and said, “You can’t wait, huh?” And she turned to me and opened her hands wide, “Here, I am! Are you happy now?”

I hugged her immediately, and she was expecting it as well. I held her, moving my hands onto her waist and pressing it hard. She moaned and pushed me. I know she’s enjoying it, but she thinks about morals.

As I took the lead, I went closer, and she said to stop this. I was quiet and waited, then I kissed her cheek, but she didn’t object. I placed my hand on her waist and increased the intensity of the kissing. She enjoyed it but suddenly pushed me and ran into the other room.

I followed her, and she was standing there. I hugged her from behind and kissed my favorite part, her nape! She was breathing hard as I went down to her waist. I kissed her bangles, hand, blouse, neck and ears.

This time she couldn’t resist and turned towards me, and I kissed her lips. It was intense and continued for 5 minutes. Then I slowly moved from the breast area to the navel, removing her saree pallu with the face. Then I held one end of the saree and rolled her as the saree came off her.

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