Mini Sex Doll Story: I opened my pants button and removed pants

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I opened my pants button and removed pants. I was only in my boxers and now I took out my tool and started stroking it in my hand. That bitch had seen my cock many times and I got a blowjob from her many times. I knew she couldn’t resist my 6-inch tool when she is in this mood.

Then I looked at her holding my cock in my hand and she was looking at it and breathing heavily. She started biting her lips and tried to hold my cock with her hand.

Then I pushed her hands away and said –

Me: If you want it, then do not hold it with your hand. Hold it with your mouth.

My slutty ex-girlfriend immediately stood up from the bed and knelt in front of me. Then she pulled my boxer completely down and maintained eye contact with me. After that, she took my cock inside her mouth.

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