Mini Sex Doll Story: I could keep kissing those delicious

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Nina is a Mini Sex Doll

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I could keep kissing those delicious, juicy lips for the whole day. We tried to take each other’s lips and mouths as much as possible. We choked for breath as we broke from the passionate, intense kissing session. I pulled her on top to feel her whole hot body, her boobs crushing on my chest.




















Her warm, soft pussy crushed my hot dick under its weight. My hands moved to her lovely ass, squeezing them gently, feeling their softness. My fingers rolled sensually on her back, moving down to her ass crack and rolling between both her ass cracks smoothly softly.

I licked her ears as I kept rolling my fingers on her lovely ass and ass crack, slapping on her ass once in a while. I pushed her up. I could see her lovely hot boobs hang in the air. As she rose, I changed my position to take her in my lap. I hugged her tightly as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

She sat on my lap, and my firm dick was placed right above her pussy. I pushed her ass, firming my hard dicks feel oh her pussy. Nina moaned. My heartbeat increased, and my hands trembled in sheer excitement and delight. I grabbed her boobs and rubbed my face in them.

I lifted them, kissing, sucking and licking them one after another. She moved just a little to sit more firmly, feeling my hardened dick. I kept sucking her boobs and nipples intensely as she closed her eyes. I relaxed her head back, enjoying the delightful sensations.

I could not get enough of her boobs as I sucked them one after the other. I squeezed them between my hands and rolled my tongue in small circles on her hardened nipples. Nina moaned delightfully, “Oh mama, yes, Vinay, don’t stop, keep doing it.”

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