Mini Sex Doll Story: Her legs splayed wide, and my body settled between them

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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The other went to her boobs and clamped her nipple gently between my thumb and finger. The pounding on her pussy was getting more intense now. Sona’s horny moans made me mad. I lifted her by the hips to push deeper, claiming her in one powerful motion.

As I took her in pounding thrusts, my flanks met her backside with sharp, rhythmic smacks. Our fleshy smacks echoed through the room, obscene and arousing. Soon these sounds were joined by low, primal grunts of satisfaction.
Sona kept belting out her moans.

She watched my actions in utter disbelief, captivated by the display of raw, unfettered male desire. Sweat broke out. My jaw clenched tightly, tendons on my neck went rigid. I stared at the body, watching her boobs jiggle and sway with each thrust.

Her legs splayed wide, and my body settled between them. She cried out as I slid deeper inside her hole, stretching her whole body, my hardness stretching her pussy lusciously. I began to pump in a slow, steady motion that did not change despite her withering and begging to go harder, faster, deeper.

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