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Big Boobs Blonde Petite Sex Doll Mimi 125cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 1 / 125cm
·Weight:28.3Lbs / 12.85kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:19.6in*15.7in*24 / 50cm*40cm*61cm
·Hand length:19.2in / 49cm
·Foot length:5.1in / 13cm
·Vagina Depth:5.9in / 15cm
·Anal depth:5.9in / 15cm
·Oral depth:N / A


Background Story:

Mimi’s home economy is not very wealthy. She worked in a number of old bookstores. She has always adhered to the concept of “hard work and family” and is very careful.
“Basically, when all men see me for the first time, they will always stare at my chest. Only you are the most special one. You are not interested in my big breasts. I am very curious. Do you not want to pinch? They, what do you feel about it? I can guarantee that they will make you feel very excited.” Vanessa said. She is a professional model. She has enviable big breasts and long legs. But this plump figure also caused her trouble. When she is outside, she often encounters bad people. Fortunately, she is safe every time. She has been a model since she was 16 years old. Every time she comes out, she is the focus of the audience. She was still a virgin at the age of 19. Can you control her at Christmas?
When her mouth was pressed down. You will feel the madness of unprecedented enthusiasm; it is happiness and fear, madness and excitement, succumbing to a pair of overpowered arms, two too rude lips, too fast. For the first time in her life, she met a man who was stronger than her, a person who could neither threaten nor suppress, a person who threatened her and forced her. That person is you. When your arms are hovering around her neck, her lips will tremble under your lips and you will enter the climax of your life.

Mini sex doll-Big Boobs Blonde Petite Sex Doll Mimi 125cm 4ft 1-06
She is an adult sex doll very similar to a real person. The simulation is over 98%. She is made in a true human 1:1 ratio. The skin material is TPE soft silicone. It is very similar to human skin. She does not produce oil and deformation. no taste. She can make all kinds of shapes and movements like real people.
Her hair is a replaceable wearable wig. She is assembled from the head and body. The head is detachable. She can use the mouth, genitals, anus, and can be used for oral sex, vaginal, anal and cum.
She won’t ask for anything from you and will never betray you.

Mini sex doll-Big Boobs Blonde Petite Sex Doll Mimi 125cm 4ft 1-04

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Why buy a real lovedoll?

Mini sex doll-Big Boobs Blonde Petite Sex Doll Mimi 125cm 4ft 1-05

Why on earth would anyone voluntarily accept a new boss, a woman who thinks she can criticize a man at every opportunity, tell him what to do, where he can go, whether he can spend time with his friends and make plans for him for the weekend? Why would anyone want to be shut out of a woman’s life if she doesn’t get what she wants, or withhold peace from her family at the slightest provocation or insult? Many of our customers simply take advantage of the space between girlfriends with 【www.hiasu.com】.DE sex dolls. There is no more realistic option for love or silicone sex doll videos. Why would people voluntarily subject themselves to such childish surveillance? Frankly, if the average man treats a woman more or less the way he expects to be treated by a man in a relationship, then society is right to label men as misogynists and hateful abusers. A stand-up comedian talks about relationships and when men and women destroy them.

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Once you think about what your audience is laughing at, you realize how common these laws are. Relationships are always a head-to-head race where men always get the short end of the stick. It’s a shame we have to think that way, but it’s absolutely true, and you can see it all the time when you look at modern relationships. The man is always stubborn and babbling and trying to keep the woman from being angry with him. He makes his decisions based on this and often denies his desires just to have peace and quiet. So can you not live your life according to the standards that an irrational person can achieve? Why do you want to live that way?

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