Methods of cleaning and care of Real Sex Doll

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This is very unfortunate, because because of this there are often problems with love dolls. Cleaning and care of mini sex dolls for life is very important, because it is worth it. Today we will show you how to properly clean and care for a realdolls.










First of all cleaning
Do not rely on the improper treatments of others, such as the use of alcohol, gasoline or even 84 gasoline, because only in a small coloring shop you can buy the coloring paste. Wash your face with clean water and add a body wash. How to deal with the dirt, use olive oil or other oil, pour it on a cotton pad and try bailiff, wash it and make it healthy. You can use a color paste unless it is very bad, and for large area dirt, others are not recommended.

Secondly, care for the wig
Again, if you buy a love doll, you should use a little common sense, and the real doll needs attention. If the hair is the same and too complicated, please wash it for two months after the bundle, why don’t you ask me if you can stand not washing it for a month? Can I make it smooth? Then use conditioner, rinse with water and conditioner, then rinse and leave for 30 minutes. Go out and try the same thing and dry naturally. If you’re really lazy, you can also put a scorpion in a ponytail and all is well. Don’t say you don’t do it every time, there are many excuses. Actually, it is not so difficult to deal with.

Third, the staining of clothes.
If you are afraid of stains, I suggest you don’t buy dark clothes, and if you do, don’t go back to 9.9 or at least buy something more expensive. You can’t afford it. However, if you choose 9.9, the likelihood of staining the doll, at least before washing the clothes and before washing the doll, is very small. If the manufacturer can’t fix the oil problem, just add more powder and you will be pleasantly surprised. Dye it with an oily lotion, don’t ask what, your chemistry teacher will tell you, it’s not bad, leave the doll alone, it will evaporate. Seriously, buy a dye paste and apply it for 24 hours, but it has a corrosive effect and is generally not recommended.

cartoon sex doll
Fourth: The problem of cleaning pussy.
If you are a virgin, you can prepare one more, very cheap, but it is very useful. It absorbs water, soaks it and blows it off, just like an absorbent pencil, and then a residue is left behind that dissolves by itself when you sit the child down, or you can blow it off with a hair dryer. For the first time in a long time, you can occasionally use something you should have with a woman, not for a love doll, but for yourself, with disinfection. You can use more than one detergent, but do not forget to use herbal neutralizers, recognize a dozen works and listen to what I have to say. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but it must be wrung out and washed, or of course you can wash it directly in the bathtub. You can kiss your mouth, but don’t forget to wash it, comrades with bad breath. Don’t ask me how I know so much, lessons in blood and tears.

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