Men’s sexual desire is the strongest 6 moments

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Sexual desire is an instinctive desire, whether male or female, both have sexual desire, and sexual desire is strong and weak, not every time the intensity of sexual desire is the same, so when is the man’s sexual desire the strongest? Here let me introduce to you.


7:00 in the morning
For men, the androgen in their bodies is the main substance that promotes the production of libido. Scientists have found that male sex hormones have a high level at 7:00 a.m., which can exceed the usual 20%, so many men tend to have a strong libido in the early morning, especially after the sexual dream, the demand for sex is very positive. Thereafter, male sex hormones gradually decline, and by 9 a.m. hormone levels drop to 50% of normal, and at 10 a.m. sex hormone levels are at a low point. And at 11 o’clock sex hormone levels are raised again. What is not compatible with the hormonal changes in men during this time is that women’s sexual stress is not yet activated, and it is only towards 12 o’clock that their sex hormones enter the bloodstream in large quantities and come into play.

19:00 pm to 22:00 pm
Men often have positive emotions about sex, many amorous men in order to arouse the emotions of the female, this time had to offer a lot of attention, and show warmth and consideration. However, until around 22:00, when many men still want to “want”, but often sleepy, if they have “intimate contact” with their lovers, but also after the orgasm, in a rapid access to the brain of the endocrine hormone The role of “dolphin” soon snoring.

The need for cyclical orgasm
The human sexual cycle is 28 days (some people think it is 29.5 days), and in this cycle there are two orgasms, the main orgasm occurs in the full moon, the second orgasm occurs in the new moon; primitive peoples’ orgies are also related to the full moon, which shows that the climax of sexual activity, and the experience of primitive people is consistent.
  Finally, there is an involuntary cycle of sexual activity, with a week as a cycle and Sunday as the climax, a cycle that is based on the social system, approximately.

When a male is in a bad mood
He comes home and smokes sullenly. It must be that he has encountered something bad.
At this time, the partner should hold him like a mother and then give him the best physical comfort. Remember, men sometimes need to use sex to relieve stress. This will not only promote mutual affection, but also help him to relieve his sadness.

Mistakes were made
When two people are together, both are likely to make mistakes. Arguments are inevitable, but this time how about a different perspective, one of the parties take the initiative to kiss on the other, the matter is resolved differently. Sex is often the best fire extinguisher for couples in conflict, so a slap in the face of a fight will also be what the boys want.

The second two days of the physiological cycle
This time the girl into the cycle has been a week or so, generally stronger sexual desire of the boys will have been very wanting. So this time both men and women do not have to be so constrained, two people together, all have a strong sexual desire at the time.

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