Men have a good feeling about the woman’s performance

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People are sensual animals, and then encounter their favorite or hate things will show different actions, now to talk to you about men have a good feeling for women will have those performances.


Men in terms of feelings have always been in the active party, despite how silent a boy usually is, but in meeting their favorite people will change, even if the reality does not dare to take the initiative, but also use social software to take the initiative to greet.

When a man has a good feeling about a woman, then his eyes only the most perfect you, all the small flaws are such as non-existent general, even if sometimes you deliberately to him to say shortcomings, he will in turn praise you.

Will be very concerned about her life, what she does every day, can’t wait to help her handle it all.

The most obvious is jealousy, although sometimes not obvious, but when you see your favorite people with other people of the opposite sex together, the heart will be very uncomfortable.

In the circle of friends inside to see her send some information, if it is some unhappy or hurt content, that the man may be more anxious than her own. Will be a variety of ways to shush and make her happy.

After encountering a dilemma, the first thought is her, although not much help, but the feeling is good.

In the usual time to go together to play, the man will always be in front of the woman to show a very strong, which may not be his character, but at this moment he still righteously rushed in front.

When a man is sure he likes a woman, then in front of her attitude of speech will have a great change, and the usual friends to talk attitude is very different.

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