Meet Your Specific Needs Japanese Mini Sex Doll

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The survey was conducted by a social psychologist on his book “Tell me what you want.” The body of a silicone doll may remind you of Westworld’s sex robots. Experts say that the relationship with Mini Sex Dolls will spread widely in 2050. One expert predicts that in just over 30 years, sex robots may become so popular that they can completely replace interpersonal relationships.

Although only 10.7% of women want to play robots, 17% of men express their willingness. The company said its silicone-based doll robots will soon be available and there are facilities for repairing and repairing robots in the UK. If the robot has a problem, the customer can also purchase a service agreement.

Experts warn that gender robots are similar to children because the company makes them small enough for users to carry. The sexologist visited a Mini Sex Doll trade show where she met a child-like silicone-like doll.

Controversially, Mini Sex Dolls can help people prepare for relationships. It is said that sex robots or sex robots can enhance the self-confidence of inexperienced men in lovers and help couples to separate pornographic fantasies.

You will build your own robot to meet your specific needs. I saw some Mini Sex Dolls ringing the alarm for me because they are small. They look so cute, I explain to him not Western culture, but Asian culture.

The robot staff is based on Japanese Mini Sex Dolls but will be “modified.” Guests can spend time with their favorite robots in their own private room, but they can also be invited to use their smartphone app to build relationships with robot friends.

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