Maybe sex dolls are improving our world

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Blue Hair Cute Anime Mini Sex Doll Aletha 135cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 4 / 135cm
·Weight:38.8Lbs / 17.6kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:20.4in*16.1in*25.9in / 52cm*41cm*66cm
·Hand length:14.5in / 37cm
·Foot length:7in / 18cm
·Vagina Depth:5.5in / 14cm
·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
·Leg length:25.1in / 64cm


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Maybe sex dolls are improving our world

1. Alleviate sexual impulses and reduce the rate of sexual crimes
2. Accompany the lonely elderly
3. Filling the inner void of lost relatives
4. Accompany depressed people
5. Help relieve social anxiety
6. Photography, open an account to do self-publishing, enrich your life and income

Maybe physical dolls are improving our world (previous post)

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Welcome to MISSSE, the world’s most cost-effective website dedicated to the sale of physical dolls, with excellent service and a wide range of products. Nearly 300 beautiful physical dolls are available for your picking.
How about, a variety of sexy and lovely doll portraits have made you feel dizzy? Did you find a few dolls that you like and want to take them home and enjoy them right away?
I know that most of the customers who come to this site buy dolls for sex, for pleasure, for everyday enjoyment with beautiful girls. But in fact, in the corner that you do not see, physical dolls may be gradually make our world better and better it.

1. dolls can alleviate the sexual impulse, reduce the rate of sexual crime and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
In 2020 the Japanese male career unmarried rate has reached 26.7%, although unmarried does not mean no sex life, but the very high unmarried rate more or less explains some of the current situation of Japanese men.

The number of people who are sexually aroused and do not have an outlet for their sexual desires is too high, which is a potential risk for sexual crimes. In addition, the cost of visiting a sex store in order to solve the need for sex is not only very expensive, but also has a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Physical dolls, just as pornographic magazines and movies are almost identical in nature, play a role in curbing the rate of sex crimes and the spread of STDs, and the use of physical dolls is more enjoyable and comfortable than just watching movies and so on.

2. Dolls can accompany the lonely elderly and soothe their loneliness.
Japan’s aging population has reached 28.4% of the total population in 2019. There is no shortage of elderly people who have lost their spouses or even lifelong unmarried childless people who are living alone.

Some elderly people choose to buy physical dolls to keep themselves company, and physical dolls because they require human maintenance, which makes some elderly people feel needed by others. Make their lives more fulfilling.

3. Dolls can fill the emotional void inside people
Accidents happen every day in the world, and every day someone loses a loved one. Maybe it will be a lonely old man who lost his partner who was dependent on him; maybe it will be a helpless mother who lost her child who had been fighting with the disease for years; maybe it will be…
A loved one has passed away, but the love for them will never diminish. With the departure of loved ones, such love has lost its footing, and can only float in mid-air, wiped away and can not catch. Love has nowhere to pour out, only to make people feel a deep emptiness and despair, which is the emotional gap.
Once an old man, ten years after he lost his beloved wife, came to us with his wife’s photo, hoping we could make a physical doll for him that resembled his wife. We learned the story of him and his wife during the communication with the old man and were very touched. So we made his “wife” for him for free, even though it would have cost a lot of money.

There is another example, although not in our company, but another doll manufacturer. A single mother, who lost her beloved child in a car accident, was seriously injured herself. After months of recovery in despair, she approached the doll manufacturer with a collection of photos of her child’s life. The manufacturer agreed to her request and brought her “child” to meet her after the manufacturing was completed. The mother in the moment of seeing her “child” tears instantly broke, she was grateful. Perhaps this is human, even though they know it is not true, even if they are deceiving themselves, but still for that sincere long-lost love and defiant.

Thank you for reading this. There will be more to come, so stay tuned.

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