Materials for making sex dolls – the use of tpe and silicone

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We know that there are two materials to create realistic sex dolls: TPE and silicone. let’s find out

1. Where else is TPE used? Did I see it?
In addition to sex dolls, some applications of TPE are also used in the medical field. Things like catheters have to be very soft, very flexible and durable. TPE is also found in vehicles. For example, snowmobile tracks are usually made of TPE. If you’ve ever had many relationships involving medical equipment, cables, or headset cords, chances are you’ve contacted TPE at some point.

2.Where else can silicone be used? Did I see it?
Unlike TPE, you can come across silicones every day. Because of its high heat resistance, it’s commonly used in cookware – you’ll find it on the ends of spatulas, egg trays, and ladders. It can be used in ice cream trays, cake trays and other food molds, if you have ever used them, you will feel the feeling of silicone very clearly. It is strong and soft, and has a certain practicality. If you have ever touched baby bottles, you know that the nipples are very soft and soft at the ends and are good at holding their shape. They can be sterilized by boiling without affecting their softness or maintaining their shape. These baby bottle nipples are usually made of platinum silicone. Silicones are also used in vehicles, hair conditioners, lubricants, pipes, toys, and electronic products. Vibrators and other sex toys typically use silicone.

Although TPE suppliers sometimes use the term “Platinum”, this is usually a marketing term to indicate that the TPE they use is of high quality. In the sense that the silicone resin is cured with platinum, only silicon is the real platinum, which uses precious metals like platinum as a catalyst to improve the quality. Platinum silicone can be made into food grade and hospital grade silicone, which is also very suitable for dolls! Luckily, some brands have started to make choices more flexible, combining the silicone head with the TPE case – the detail and softness needed!

Silicone has some advantages, such as appearance, durability and smell, but TPE has greater compressibility and is more likely to be liked by customers. TPE itself not only contributes to the softness, but silicone dolls like Sanhui doll brand are only made on the outside of the silicone rubber doll while the inner core is filled with rigid foam or similar substances. This can reduce the weight, etc., and give the doll a different and firmer feeling. In contrast, DH168 appears to be the TPE of bone. So if you really squeeze the bone, you can feel the bone. And it creates more friction on the skin because if you pull it hard across the surface, the skin can bend and pull very far with your hands. This makes it extra careful when you handle it, e.g. B. Do not drag across the floor as this can cause damage.

For us, TPE can’t be beat in terms of price or price, it’s also our customers’ firm (or super soft?) preference! Time will tell… more and more manufacturers are turning to silicones today. Personally, we can’t wait to see future developments. Maybe super soft silicones just appeared!

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