Marriage Maintenance Tips

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Couples can be happy as long as they are close, and they can last as long as they resolve their daily trivial conflicts. To share 6 tips to maintain and preserve the marriage.

Do not share everything in your marriage with other people, including your parents, brothers and girlfriends, so as not to be influenced by other people’s view of marriage.

Don’t be too calculating between couples. Couples themselves spend time together, and without a tolerant attitude, arguments can easily occur

Avoid inappropriate ways of quarreling. When quarrelling should be more sensible, to the matter not to the person, not to mention the cold war, the more times the cold war, feelings will also become more faint; also do not always divorce and break up hanging in the mouth, say more will not care about the weight of these two words;.

When it does not involve the principle, after the woman cried, the man should not complain; after the man apologized, the woman should not pursue too much.

Do not bad-mouth in front of the children.

Life must create some sense of ceremony, not necessarily need to spend a lot of money, but must be prepared with care, to add some freshness to the dull life.

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