Marriage between humans and sexpupes or artificial intelligence

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The British newspaper The Sun has published a report on the latest paper by Dr. Hansen, creator of RobotSophia, which states that robots will have the same civil rights as humans and other people in 2045. Robots are already married.




















The concept seems far-fetched today. As a brand of sex dolls, we dare to say that this direction is not far from the time of humans. The brand predicts that robots will overtake humans in all areas by 2035. 2038 will also see the emergence of a global robot citizenship movement.

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Japan has always been a leader in sex doll manufacturing and research, contributing to all aspects of humanity. It is fair to say that the sex dolls they make are becoming more and more sophisticated. Take a look at some of the latest robotic sex dolls currently being developed in Japan.

At the unveiling of the new sex dolls in Tokyo, the technology company showed simulated intelligent sex dolls of various nationalities that look almost exactly like real people and have particularly beautiful facial features, no matter how far away they are.

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