With the advancement of technology, many people use sex dolls

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In fact, whether it is the practicality or the feeling of use, it is a more subjective feeling. After all, everyone will have different feelings about the same thing. Then the best solution is to know the feelings by practicing by yourself. Then I will talk about my own feelings and let everyone look at the issues of physical dolls from the first visual point of view. How about discussing the practicality of physical sex dolls that everyone often asks?

Most of the physical sex dolls are made of silica gel or TPE, and these materials have advantages that other chemical substances can’t compare. For example, it is chemically stable, safe and non-toxic, and can be used at low temperatures. Can maintain elasticity, softness, etc. Then we also see that the joints of the hands and feet of the physical doll are all mechanical skeletons made of some alloy materials, which means that these mechanical skeletons actually have a certain weight.

But if compared with the human body, it is actually relatively light. Generally speaking, it is kept at about 50 catties to 70 catties. Facing such a weight close to the real person, if you want to adopt a variety of postures, it is actually relatively simple. Some joints can be freely moved. These freely movable joints have a very good effect and can simulate most human movements. It means that the physical sex dolls can be used by us in a variety of poses, as we put it in a variety of poses, to match our usual habits and preferences, this kind of feeling can let people do whatever they want It is one of the design concepts of the doll.

When we are using physical dolls, in fact, the appearance of many physical dolls’ head sculptures is quite good, especially the silicone head sculptures are very high in simulation, which is extremely similar to real people. Many people will have a kind of real people. The feeling of being together, the question of how we feel when using physical dolls is naturally self-evident.

The reason why so many friends are using physical dolls is that with the advancement of technology, physical dolls now have many advantages that other adult products do not have. For example, the lower body of the doll and some parts of the chest can be heated. , Simulates to a temperature similar to that of a real person. And when we touch it, it feels a lot like touching a real person. If we have higher requirements, then we can also install some sensors on the body of the physical doll. When we are in motion with her and the frequency of the action reaches, it will make some noises, which makes many people want to stop. Believe it. At this time, we already know how practical the physical doll is.

The material and workmanship of the physical doll is close to the physical sense and shape of a real person. The joints of the limbs are also very realistic, and the head sculpted appearance is very close to that of a real person. Now the craftsmanship of the physical doll is very good, and the joints can be bent to change different positions. Therefore, the low-priced physical dolls are fake physical dolls that do not match the pictures. This kind of low-cost counterfeit entity dolls are generally imitations of ordinary inflatable dolls, and cannot compare with real entity dolls in terms of material, function, touch, and appearance.

Big Eyes Flat Chest Mini Sex Doll Cinderella 65cm 2ft 1

Doll size
·Height: 2ft 1 / 65cm
·Weight: 6.1Lbs / 2.8kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip: 11in*10.2in*13.7in / 28cm*26cm*35cm
·Hand length: 7in / 18cm
·Foot length: 3.1in / 8cm
·Vagina Depth: 3.9in / 10cm
·Anal depth: 0in / 0cm
·Oral depth:0in / 0cm

Cinderella is as easy as morning

The first thing Cinderella likes to do after getting up is to put on a comfortable shirt. Cinderella can still feel the current from last night’s sex. Recalling how her body felt afterwards made her nipples harden again. This feeling evoked a groan, and in the blink of an eye, Cinderella was naked. Her hand stroked her pale skin, stroked every inch of her own. Cinderella poses, her lying position makes her feel like a character toy. Her body hurts and she wants someone to touch her.


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