Manga sex doll for beginners in the pit?

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Do not rush to buy a new manga sex doll product, it is recommended to know it well.




What kinds of materials are used for sex dolls and which are the best? (TPE and silicone are currently on the market), how big they are and how many real dolls there are. Many people do not consider these aspects before buying and therefore buy materials that do not meet their needs. For example, students who want silicone are hard to find and the dolls they buy are either too expensive or too short. These choices are very important because love dolls are very heavy and difficult to move.

teen love doll
You can ask older students on the forum who have already bought one, how it works, what to look for and how to choose the right one.

Recently I saw a man traveling with a real love doll; he had a real doll with him.

This man used to be a game developer, but was no longer, and he had recently been checked for arachnoid cysts. And his condition was getting worse and worse. But he didn’t put up with it. I bought this doll when I happened to find a 1m4m lifelike sex doll online.

She lives with her mother, who doesn’t mind moving. She takes her everywhere: to the supermarket, to the movies, to games, to outings, whether she is there or not. Some people see them together, but they don’t care, they have their own ideas, she is lively and nice, she takes photos together in different forms.

He had to carry talcum powder, which he said was for his “daughter”, but it was a love doll that still needed regular care.

A serious illness can cause him to struggle with raging headaches every night, but his “daughter” companion seems to alleviate these problems and also brings a lot of warmth into his life.

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