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A special wedding ceremony will be held tomorrow at the hospital, he said, and was surprised that the girl was very friendly. Xiao Guo smiled and said, “So I know when tomorrow will come. The next day, August 25, 2016, I arrived at the hospital where Xiao Guo was as scheduled. I was stunned by the scene that presented itself. The bride was half leaning against the headboard of Xiao Guo’s bed in the hospital room, her white wedding dress was beautiful. Tears came to my eyes as I shook Su Lei’s hand. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a child: Xiao Guo’s family wanted to help Xiao Guo fight his illness. Xiao Guo said he had never intended to marry, but his family had allowed him and decided to make his bride Dutch.

















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A touching story about a love doll: Xiao Guo is a very interesting boy, fair-skinned and strong, who dreamed of becoming a captain and chasing cargo ships around Jiangsu Maritime College when he was a student in the The world, now he is lying in a hospital bed and can only count the water drops every day. He is only 22 years old. Doctors say his life could be over in 24 years. When I saw Kok, he still gave me a grim smile, he was in so much pain and had lost so much weight that he asked me to diagnose him. I knew nothing about my own body. During his hospitalization, many serious illnesses occurred.

He said that using love dolls was not good, but it was better than holding people back. They also like sex dolls and stay with you when you are really sick. The company is especially important at the moment because when Kok is sick, he sees the feelings of many others. The real doll appears joyful even though she can’t serve tea because she knows full well that she is the eternal sex partner who will never leave. When Kok looked into his eyes, he could keep a faint glimmer of hope in his heart. I want to live. He gave her a beautiful name, Yue Qing, which means he hopes to have sunny days every day.

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The story of TPE sex doll store: Zheng is the owner of a sex doll store in Zhengzhou, an old man who once made a lasting impression on him. He was always lonely and bored, and had heard from others that his wife had been dead for many years. One evening six months ago, Mr. Liu was packing up his things and preparing to close the store when the old man suddenly and quietly came to the door. He was surprised and thought the old man needed help. Sure enough, without hesitation, the old man, who had researched and prepared for a long time, bought a 165 cm Jinya Ai doll for 9,000 yuan, paid for it, turned around and walked out.

“Later, the old man came to our store for advice several times a night because of some ‘use problems’, probably because he was afraid of meeting someone he knew.” Mr. Liu said the old man gradually got used to him. The old man is in his early seventies, he has been a widower for many years and his children are not with him. Since his wife died, he did not want to have a relationship with another woman. But no matter how old they are, they still have emotional and physical needs. When the old man saw the lifelike sex dolls in Liu’s store, he was “excited”. After waiting for a long time, Jing Yi finally brings them home in the dark.

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