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Good sex is always wet and sticky, even close to the skin. Everyone has their own ideas about the cleanliness and care of their private parts.

But for men, silicone sex doll there are always some basic principles of nursing. While our general idea of “cleaning up after” is important, sexual hygiene goes far beyond this step.

No matter how much body fluids are exchanged between the sheets, torso sex doll follow the following basic hygiene rules

Clean and keep dry

The skin in a man’s genital area is not that different from the rest of his body, robot sex doll so once a day is enough.

To avoid genital itching, men need to clean and dry the skin of the genital area immediately after swimming, bathing and sweating. It is also a good habit to clean the genitals before any sexual activity involving penetration, and while this is not the best way to prevent SEXUALLY transmitted infections, it can reduce the chance of infection in a sense.

For men who are not circumcised, extra care should be taken to clean the area under the foreskin to make sure any dirt that accumulates sex doll amazon there is removed. It’s just a cleaning step, but it’s important. If there is too much foreskin, it becomes a medium for bacteria and increases the risk of infection during sex.

A suggestion for underwear

Men should change their underwear every day sex robot. This helps avoid infections, irritation and odors. If you’re involved in an activity that requires a lot of sweating, two changes a day is fine.

Cotton underpants will allow your little buddy to breathe, but are too baggy for exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that anime sex doll men choose both moisture absorption and sweat, and can give genital support underwear material.

Check your genitals regularly

It is a good habit to check the penis and testicles regularly for any abnormalities.

Look out for bumps, redness, ulcers, blisters, and warts (anything that surprises you is worth talking to your doctor about). Abnormal changes in the genitals asian doll sex tape can be an indicator of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and other problems.

When men self-examine and find a lump, most of the time it’s nothing serious. But it is still necessary to consult a medical professional to ensure the sex doll meme diagnosis.

Communicate with your partner

Quality communication between partners about their sex lives is an important part of sexual health.
You may be a little uncomfortable talking about STDS and genital health at first, tpe sex doll but getting to know each other better from the start can go a long way toward ensuring safe sex.

In theory, couples should make sure they know each other before having unprotected sex. If not, proper use of protection from sex doll for men the beginning of the relationship is a prerequisite for good sexual hygiene.

Talk to your doctor

It is recommended that ai sex doll you have a regular physical examination every year.

When talking to doctors, patients should be open and honest about their sexual history and concerns. If you are sexually active and active diy sex doll, you need to be tested regularly for STDS, whether or not you are protected.

Potential threat

In addition to extreme behaviors, many routine behaviors can cause skin damage or bleeding to varying degrees. Both normal and anal sex are included. Condoms are recommended for both types of sex.

Do not use bleeding as a safety measure, because many wounds will be very small, but even microscopic wounds who made the sex doll on the skin can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is very important to use condoms during most sexual activities.

Maintain simple cleaning

No matter how clean people are, there is always a certain smell in their genitals.

It is enough to clean the genitals once a day and after sweating. For cleanliness, just scrub with water.

Don’t go for special lotions or deodorants, they do nothing but cause skin irritation in the genital area. Nothing short of basic cleaning is needed.

Baggy pants

Whether it’s pants or panties, it’s better to keep them loose.

When the genitals are pressed too tightly or overheated, plush sex doll they can affect fertility and increase the risk of infection — such as itching.

During exercise, you still need to wear clothes that support your genitals sex doll shop, but after exercise, you need to clean your body and change your clothes in time to maintain hygiene.

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